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When the time to travel hit you it is often the most stressful thing to start packing. We have discovered a few tips and trick to get your packing done quickly and efficiently. None of these life hack for packing are new news but combined with your personal experience these tips can make one last minuet or even pre-planned packing a breeze.

Tip#1 - Packing Jewelry

We all have stray buttons in a drawer or a bin of some sort. Well keeping up with your earrings can come in handy when you secure them using the holes in a button. They will be easier to find and store.

Tip #2 - Packing clothing

Make more room in your luggage by rolling instead of folding. Yes rolling!! If you roll your clothing you can fit them inside a suitcase in a more compact and structured alignment. Imaging those sock drawers some of us have with socks all rolled up and evenly and orderly displayed. This is how your suitcase should look.

Tip #3 - Packing Shoes

Shoes and socks can be packed together. You can pack your rolled socks inside your shoes and and to prevent shoes from getting crushed you can put them in a plastic grocery bag with a little bit of air in the bag to keep shoes from getting crushed. This will also keep the dirt from worn shoes from getting on your clothing.

Tip #4 - Technology Tip

When your traveling location services can eat up your battery life. If you need a map when you travel you can take a photo of the map and turn off locations services to help keep battery life from being drained. 

Tip #5 - Technology tip

Make sure to do your research when flying. Since you might be on a destination that need more than one US or International airline; find out the travel and technology rules for travel. Not all airlines have universal rules. Some Swiss airlines have restrictions on what kind of technology you can bring aboard. Thing like power banks and even some phone brands are banded on certain international planes.



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